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I offer gardening, maintenance, and consulting services to customers in and around Moraga, Orinda, and Lafayette, California.

I have over 35 years of experience gardening and landscaping in Northern California, with the last fifteen years in Lamorinda. I’ve been working professionally since 2018. I specialize in native cultivars, pollinator gardens, organic vegetable gardening, and succulents, as well as orchids, bamboo, bromeliads and other exotics. I have significant experience with dividing and repotting orchids and bromeliads, water-wise landscaping, xeriscaping, drainage issues, seasonal pruning, fertilization, defensible space consultation / mitigation, gutter cleaning, brush clearing, and bamboo thinning / maintenance.

I’m licensed to sell nursery stock in Contra Costa County by the state of California. I buy, propagate, and raise well-tended native and exotic plants in my yard that I make available by appointment. The selection is of particular interest to orchid and bromeliad fans.

I look forward to working with you and collaborating on researching, creating and maintaining a beautiful, nature-inspired outdoor space.

* I’ll consider travel outside the Lamorinda area for longer-term / more extensive projects, especially if they involve habitat restoration and invasives removal.

Bamboo Debris and Fire Danger

Bamboo is an acceptable choice for a fire break. Its canes are low in oils and don’t burn easily.

Its dead sheaths and leaves, however, are very flammable. The local fire department here in town has actually listed new bamboo plantings as “prohibited” for this reason.

A major element of maintaining a healthy grove of bamboo is regularly raking all fallen debris. Keep the ground around your bamboo — as well as the branches — free of dead leaves and sheaths. This not only minimizes fire danger, but also enables you to water the soil more evenly, and lessens the chance of mold and insect infestations at the crown (the spot where the canes meet the soil and root system/rhizomes).