Portfolio – Raised Beds

Prefab cedar material is assembled and placed. Once the placement is final, cardboard can be laid in the footprint for a sheetmulching base, if desired.

Welded-wire hardware cloth is stapled onto the bottom of the cedar frame in order to make the bed gopher-proof.

Optional 3/8″ PVC pipe is bent and fit into the sides of the bed, using short lengths of 1/2 PVC to seat the bent pipe. The hoops can be used to support bird netting and frostcloth.

The PVC has been spraypainted dark green and many bags of potting soil poured into the bed. It’s now ready to be planted.

Here, the optional hoops have been removed, and redwood corner posts and 24″ high hardware cloth are nailed and stapled to the sides of the bed to make it rabbit-proof. Additionally, a removable, hinged, fir-framed cage has been fashioned above the bed to keep birds and squirrels out. The latter is helpful for lettuce and strawberry beds.