Spring 2024 Plant Sale

[updated Apr 7 2024]

Sales are ongoing, with new items being added often. Use the contact form to email regarding appointments, availability, or any questions. In-person shopping welcome by appointment; I’m near the Orinda / Moraga border.

I’m sold out of orchid divisions (Dedrobium, Pleurothallis, Dendrochillum) until I can divide, repot, and establish more plants. I’ll post info here when they’re available. You can also email me via the Contact link over there on the right, and I’ll add you to an update mailing list.
Aechmea caudata: 
Bromeliad. Bare root ($25 to $40). Happiest planted in the ground; thrive in pots, but will be needing division each spring/summer. Many offsets! Prolific “candy corn” inflorescences on long spikes. Strong indirect light is best.

Vriesea fenestralis x Vriesea gigantea ‘Nova’ (? parentage uncertain): 
Bromeliad; rare. $50. = Hardy to about 35 degrees; lower than that, cover with frostcloth and move closer to the house. No direct sun, dappled shade is best. I don’t recommend planting in the ground unless you live in Oakland/Berkeley, etc. Prolific offsets. Does not flower for me. Wonderful foliage plant.

Furcraea longaeva
Succulent. 4” seedlings $4.00. Grows into massive plant with Agave-type habit. Moncarpic.

Bilbergia nutans “Queen’s Tears”: 
Bromeliad. .25 each tank, or free with purchase.

Echinopsis chamaecereus (“Peanut Cactus”)
Succulent. 4” offsets $4.00.

Aloe arborescens variegata / Candelabra aloe:
Succlent. 5 gallons in plastic: $25 to $40.

Sauromatum venosum (common name: Voodoo Lily):
Arum (corms).$15 to $35 in various pots. Each pot includes at least 3 corms; most, more. These are dormant until June 2024. Keep sheltered and dry-ish until then.
Opuntia monocantha (variegated):
Succulent. $10 in terracotta. $7 in plastic.

Succulent offsets – various sizes and prices; inquire.

Licensed to sell nursery stock in Contra Costa County by the state of California.

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