A week of cold overnight temperatures looms

[updated 12/29/21, 9am:] Saturday and Sunday morning (1/1 and 1/2/22) now looking like the coldest periods, with temps predicted below freezing from 4am to 8am on Sunday.

Between early Tuesday morning 12/28 and Monday 1/3/22, we’ll see an average 6am temperature of 34 degrees. It will be colder; it will be warmer, depending on your microclimate and changes in the forecast.

But it will be COLD in Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette. 

This would be the longest stretch of frigid weather we’ve seen in Lamorinda in years. We’ve entered that time of year where it rains (thankfully), but immediately following the precipitation, it gets cold.

Many of our most popular landscape and container plants can survive temps below 34. Some can deal with cold and wet roots. However, some, especially succulents, can’t handle both. Especially 6 or 7 consecutive days of this kind of cold, when the ground is saturated.

Time to haul out the frost cloth, if we haven’t already.

I like to drive at least 3 stakes that are taller than the plants into the ground, and drape frostcloth over the stakes so the cloth isn’t touching the plants. Frostcloth still conducts cold, so it’s best to have an airgap between the plants and the cloth. And batten down the cloth at ground level with rocks or bricks to keep drafts at bay.

Good luck out there. And stay warm.

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