Have You Planted Your Tomatoes Yet?

Last summer, we picked many of our tomatoes early and ripened them on the windowsill because the squirrels in the backyard became adept at raiding them.

Here in the Lafayette / Moraga / Orinda area, it’s been an interesting early Spring.

Today the temperature was in the high 80s. Two days ago, it was 25 degrees cooler. Tonight the low will be 55.

However, the-ten day forecast shows a string of nights where temps might be down the the mid-40s beginning Monday morning, the 29th. This isn’t good.

I’ve bought tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and basil. But I haven’t planted them yet, and I’m not going to until I see a string of nights over 50 degrees. I’m “hardening off” the vegetables in their original containers, meaning I move them out into the sun over the course of a few days, and I keep them hydrated and keep an eye out for burning or wilting. I move them close to the house at night, or, on colder nights, bring them inside.

These vegetables need consistently warm soil for the best start. You can help by fluffing up the soil in your beds or containers or planting area daily, and adding organic compost while you wait for warmer nights. This helps warm the soil, day-by-day.

If you’ve already planted your tomatoes, cover them with frost cloths on nights where the temp is forecast to drop below 50.

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