Early tomorrow morning it will get cold in Lamorinda

The National Weather Service is forecasting overnight (tonight, Friday November 9th, into Saturday morning) lows tonight in the high 30s. Certain microclimates in Orinda, Lafayette and Moraga may see 35-degree temperatures.

This is very early in the season for temperatures like this. It’ll mean the end of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and similarly warmth-loving vegetables and fruits. If you have basil in pots, move it indoors in front of a sunny window to extend your growing season.

Other tender plants in pots should be moved closer to the house, preferably in front of sliding glass doors, when possible — or inside, where practical. Placing a light cotton towel or some old shirts over them won’t hurt.

Landscape plants in the ground (non-natives, fruit trees, etc) will benefit from being draped in frost cloth, or, at very least, a thick cotton bedsheet or two.

For the latter, I find it more effective to drive three stakes taller than the plant around the plant, then drape cloth over them so it’s not touching the leaves. And it’s best if the cloth is long enough to touch the ground.

This will be the coldest night of the week and the coldest night we’ve seen since March. Plants aren’t ready for this kind of weather, but we can help them through it.

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